a letter, addressed to Paul. The contents read: Dear Paul, You are the friend I need right now. When I say this, I make no mistake in assuring you are aware that your value ((in need)) lies in your money. You see, Paul, I have been dreaming of a film that will truly bring an end to film — Picture a series of vignettes in which real life is occurring (within a fictional scenario) within real life. And I am directing, and the film is rolling, but none of it can ever be seen. ((And in fact, it comes to light that I am behind everything;)) ((But not on screen)) There is a red carpet, and there is an actress, and the shutters are blaring. And she is striking a pose, like the star of the show... But the event is a hoax. And every one of those lenses and frames belong to me. And of her, we aren't celebrating anything. But -- she just wrapped the shooting of a minor gig, ((also our doing)) and so she blushes and blooms with a confidence the likes of a reality ((the likes of which have yet to be seen?)) This film has to be made, and I am the only one who has tapped into that part of the stream. And my Lord, Paul, did ever I drink. And now those scenes are running through my veins. And I will be able to rest for not even an instant in the rest of my life until I have made a fool and a beauty out of all of them.