And it became clear that David never really enjoyed appearing in home videos
His hands locked up
And he went all quiet
And he eyed right into the camera
And he'd say things like "I'm not doing anything, so why're'ya filming me?"
"Quit it, sis"
And "I've had about enough of this"
Fact of the matter is, he was too young to understand what I was getting at
Once he turns 23, like me, and couldn't help himself but put back a drink
And couldn't remember what it felt like to have a family
And couldn't remember what it felt like to have his big sister hovering over his shoulder
And the regret that will pass him over
((This is not part of my intent, but an unavoidable effect, never the less))
And the recognition of his childhood home, cobbled together in his mind from a collection of moving pictures
And the recognition of smiles long past
((the only thing that will allow his tears to pass))
And I'll be long gone, somewhere elses, by then
((never to be seen again))
But God damn it,
I'll have left my tapes behind for him