ode to the road

you can take me far from home
but I'm still miserable here
so much for all the pointed fingers
so much for all the hands at heels
they only took me far from home


	Where have I gone?
	I was so true and so gold
	I was wagging my youth-filled fingers in the air
	I was feeding from the trough
	I was making my bed
	I was putting in the effort
	I was a thought and a forethought
	I was considerate
	I was considering
	I was confident and I was bold
	Yes, I made a misstep
	Yes, I lost the track
	But I never thought I would cease to feel myself
	I never thought I would wish not to be
	I never thought I would regret
	I have let the whole thing swallow me whole
	I have evoporated inside of it
	I have become smaller and not infinite
	I have pulled a short length on so many thread
	and have an ashen heap of thead and lead and not a gorgeous knit
	Keep spilling milk until it cries back...