Conducting experiments in design, computation and archival.

I believe in a future in which individuals have the capability, responsibility and resources to create and maintain solutions to their own problems, without external provision or intervention.

I am interested in design which requires minimal resources, produces minimal waste, and accounts for its footprint throughout its lifecycle (conception, birth, operation, maintenance, degredation, death and post-death)

I look to the design of the universe from both the observable and metaphysical (perhaps even mythological or lyrical) perspective for inspiration.

This website is written "by hand" in HTML and CSS. It currently employs no build script or site generator. You can browse the source code on sourcehut.

You can traverse this site using its index page.

Unless otherwise specified, I publish software (including this website) under the MIT License and assets and text content (including those on this website) under the BY-NC-SA4.0 License.

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